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-agender angelgender demiboy
-18 (4/28)
-demiaroace gay
-neutral good

hi! im ciel, but feel free to call me anything provided it’s not mean!
im not picky with names. i have a lot of them! click my pronouny (the star) for all the nicknames i like!

i also have a lot of pronouns, but they/he are my main ones! you can check my pronouny for this too!

i post a mix of random thoughts, my interests/current hyperfixations, and personal opinions. i tag common triggers by default. if you need something specific to be tagged feel free to lmk!

i use tone tags a lot, mostly so that I am control how im coming across, as im very bad at gauging my own tone. it isn’t a must, but i would prefer if you used them with me!

i do not like the term homoromantic despite using the split attraction model, please do not refer to me as such. i prefer to be called gay, mlm, or achillean.

i talk about having bpd and adhd sometimes as it effects my behavior a lot, please be patient with me.

starred ones are special interests, hyperfixations, or general faves!

-☆ evangelion ☆
-☆ tiger and bunny ☆
-☆ cardcaptor sakura ☆
-☆ hoshiai no sora ☆
-☆ bungou stray dogs ☆
-death note
-☆ code geass ☆
-☆ banana fish ☆
-☆ vanitas no carte ☆
-☆ yuri on ice ☆
-☆ anything by kunihiko ikuhara ☆
-☆ ohshc ☆
-☆ given ☆
-☆ promare ☆
-☆ mp100 ☆
+ more (check mal!)

-☆ your turn to die ☆
-☆ devil may cry ☆
-rhythm games (project diva is a special interest for me, but i also play guitar hero and bandori)
-☆ hello charlotte ☆
-☆ persona ☆
-☆ genshin impact ☆
-☆ sonic ☆
-☆ danganronpa ☆
-☆ ib ☆
-ace attorney
-☆ angels of death ☆
-☆ rpg horror in general ☆
-☆ the world ends with you ☆
-☆ ff15 + ff7r ☆
-friday night funkin’

-☆ milgram ☆
-☆ vocaloid ☆
-☆ mother mother ☆
-☆ my chemical romance ☆
-☆ jack stauber ☆
-☆ tally hall ☆
-fall out boy
-panic! at the disco
-☆ eve ☆
-☆ ricky montgomery ☆
-☆ the scary jokes ☆
-hobo johnson
-☆ twenty one pilots ☆
-glass animals
-kenshi yonezu
-andrew jackson jihad
-lemon demon
-☆ left at london ☆
-☆ cavetown ☆
-video game ost

-☆ spiderverse ☆
-the good place
-☆ crazy ex girlfriend ☆
-she ra
-☆ winx club ☆
-the dragon prince
-☆ steven universe ☆
-☆ one day at a time ☆
-☆ nightmare before christmas ☆
-edward scissorhands
-the politician
-☆ the perks of being a wallflower ☆
-the half of it
-love, simon/love, victor

-☆ i wish you all the best ☆
-☆ colorless ☆
-always raining here
-snotgirl (tentative)
-pjo (tentative)
-☆ six of crows ☆
-☆ homestuck ☆ (cr act 5! no spoilers pls!)

-☆ the magnus archives ☆
-sanders sides (tentative)
-☆ the penumbra podcast ☆ (currently catching up with the juno stories but ill get to second citadel eventually!)
-☆ hlvrai ☆
-☆ voice acting ☆
-☆ writing ☆
-video editing
-john mulaney + james acaster standup
-slam poetry

current hyperfixations: genshin impact

i am critical of everything i like.

although i enjoy their music, i do not support joe hawley, brendon urie, or tyler joseph as people.

i have a lot of “problematic faves” in terms of both media and the characters within it so if that bothers you i suggest you don’t follow me

-you believe the blue/green/purple gay flag is bad/call it the toothpaste flag if u aren’t gay
-over 24 or under 14
-you fit usual dni criteria
-you think bi/pan ppl cant reclaim homophobic slurs
-aro and/or ace or pan exclusionist
-youre a cishet persona fan
-you believe in mspec lesbians or mspec gays
-you are against he/they/neopronoun gays or lesbians, or against neopronouns in general
-nsfw (jokes are ok!)
-anti-blm or pro-cop/blue lives matter
-you like youtubers like pewdiepie, jontron, h3h3, etc.
-fujoshi/supportive of them
-hazbin hotel/south park/big mouth/lore olympus fan
-hannibal fan/kin with anyone from it
-anti kin
-anti self dx
-you think mikayuu is incest
-vanijeanne and/or dominoe shipper
-cringe culture
-you believe in things like “narcissistic abuse” etc.
-you use she/her for naoto shirogane
-you don’t believe in transmisandry or you think transmascs have male privilege
-you like/share genderbends
-you make gaslighting jokes or think they’re funny (this includes gaslight gatekeep girlboss)

-21+ (ok i if followed first!)
-you post about horror movies a lot (do not follow if you won’t tag them)
-mlw cloud/cloti shipper/view aerith as a woman
-you use she/her for chihiro danganronpa (i hc them as transmasc and use he/they, just so you’re aware)
-if you’re heavily into bnha
-youre cishet in general
-if you need any comfort things or starred things tagged (more for your benefit than mine, but i do feel a bit uncomfortable tagging these)
-you hc akechi, cloud or sou as mspec/ship them with girls

-s/w j/gs/w the movies/character (this is a big one, please tag even passing mentions)
-anything deep web related but specifically red rooms
-gore, guro, irl blood
-talk/depiction of major injury towards the eyes
-images/videos of realistic looking bugs
-talk/depiction of theme park injury or death
-boscha and azula
-mlw akechi and shuake hate
-any mention of “biological clocks” or in-depth talk of pregnancy
-horror movies (anything other than a passing mention)
-videos of people in moving planes
-things that involve unwilling/unknowing exposure to death, murder, or cannibalism
-cannibalism in general
-people being made fun of for their phobias/triggers

if you aren’t sure how to tag anything, tag as “ciel beware”

i have the right to block anyone that makes me uncomfortable. if you want to break mutuals please sb me, if we’re close tell me why you did. if i did/said/followed someone bad please dm me and explain.

go follow my partner! i love them so much!

(p.s. he does not kin hajime hinata)